New Riff Bourbon

We are selling our custom small batch bourbon through our Louisville-based partner, The Wine Rack.
 Must be 21 or Older to Order




This small batch of bourbon was hand-picked by Lunacy staff in February of 2019 at New Riff Distillery in Newport, KY. Click here for our behind-the-scenes video of our visit to New Riff and watch us select the very bourbon you'll be enjoying! We have allocated our batch into 3 limited-time labels: 80's Emporium, Rust Creek & Lunacy Productions. (All the same stuff inside!)

Watch the Behind-the-Scenes Video!


Barrel Distilled On: 2.18.15
Barrel Bottled On: 3.4.19

Tasting Notes: Honey and citrus on the nose. Notes of caramel and toffee on entry leads to wonderful toasted oak notes mid-palette. A dry rye finish with a hint of mint rounds out this medium-bodied Bourbon.

"I guess I've done probably a hundred single barrel picks, and I don't know that I've  tasted bourbon that young that is that good." - Jason Brauner, Owner of Bourbons Bistro

Quantities are extremely limited, so make sure to buy yours before stock runs out!


For a limited time, get your bottle of Lunacy Productions Bourbon signed by our founder & head honcho, Stu Pollard! Please email for details. With this option, please allow an additional 4-6 weeks for delivery.


At Lunacy Productions, we believe the best ideas always seem a little crazy. Take, for example, bringing an independent film production company to hand-pick a bottle of small batch bourbon! We think a glass of our New Riff goes well with a movie night, featuring Rust CreekPlus One or one of our other films, many of which were shot right here in Kentucky!

Lunacy Productions is an independent film production company with offices in Louisville and Los Angeles. To learn more about Lunacy Productions please visit our website or follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.



The Blue Ridge Mountains can be an unforgiving place, with temperatures that drop below freezing during the wintertime. And the best way to keep warm? Rust Creek Bourbon. As Buck always says, "It's safer than meth!

To learn more about Rust Creek, please visit our website or watch the trailer. Click here to purchase your copy today!


To celebrate the launch of Stu Pollard's Eighties Emporium, your new online home for 80's movie clips, trailers, commercials, music videos and more, we are offering an extremely limited edition of our small batch bourbon for sale via The Wine Rack.

Bourbon is by definition an American drink. And as such, it has been infused into many of our favorite American films; from "Some Like It Hot" to "Caddyshack", from "The Hustler" to "The Shining". You can check out our video of our favorite bourbon movie moments & let us know what your favorite is!

For 80's movie clips, trailers, commercials, music videos and more, be sure to subscribe to Stu Pollard's Eighties Emporium!