Nice Guys Sleep Alone (DVD)

Nice Guys Sleep Alone (DVD)

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Set in beautiful Louisville, Kentucky, "Nice Guys Sleep Alone" follows a veterinarian and a high school teacher who have given up on love. Carter realizes that he's getting nowhere by being a "nice guy", while Maggie decides that she's finally done with her loveless relationship. Dedicated to all those people who have been told the worst three words: "Let's be friends."

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Director: Stu Pollard

Writers: Bruce Feirstein (Book), Stu Pollard (Screenplay)

Cast: Sean O’Bryan, Vanessa Marcil, Sybil Temchen, Michael Greene, Brenda James, William Sanderson, Maggie Lawson, Chris Williams

Producer: Stu Pollard, Heidi Winston

Co-Producer: Diana E. Williams

Cinematographer: Nathan Hope