Keep Your Distance (Soundtrack CD)
Keep Your Distance (Soundtrack CD)
Keep Your Distance (Soundtrack CD)

Keep Your Distance (Soundtrack CD)

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A great snapshot of the music scene in early-2000's Louisville, KY, this CD compiles 13 original songs, and 4 bonus tracks, featured in and inspired by the independent motion picture "Keep Your Distance." This CD features a full-color, 32-page booklet that includes a double-page spread for each artist with exclusive on-set photos as well as stories about how the music found its way into the film. 

Get it signed by writer and director Stu Pollard!

  1. "Down In It" - The Middle Men
  2. "But Then Nothing" - Artgeko
  3. "Lost" - Peter Searcy
  4. "Right In Front of You" - The Sean Voight Band
  5. "Sepia Night" - Graciela Perrone
  6. "Midnight Drive" - David Grissom & Carter Wood
  7. "Warning Sign" - The Muckrakers
  8. "Happy for a While" - Peter Searcy
  9. "Ruthless" - Waterproof Blonde
  10. "All Night Radio" - Tim Krekel
  11. "You" - The Accountants
  12. "Best I've Found" - Ten Months Later
  13. "Keep Your Distance" - Digby
    14. "Keep Your Distance (unplugged)" - Digby
    15. "Lost (unplugged)" - Peter Searcy
    16. "Wake Up" - Follow the Train